Set up multiple monitors for ROVsim Pro, O&G and Gen3

Mulitple monitor configurationROVsim simulation software supports display on two (Pro and O&G), three (O&G only), or four (Gen3) monitors.  It accomplishes this by using a Windows feature called “desktop spanning”. Setting up the system is straightforward if you select the appropriate hardware.

Selecting the hardware

Most recently manufactured, performance oriented desktop and laptop PC computers support displaying the Windows desktop across two(2) monitors. Many performance “3D game” oriented desktop PC computers support displaying the Windows desktop across three (3) or four (4) monitors. When shopping for hardware the key is to check the graphics specifications to verify:

a. Has a “dedicated” (not integrated) graphics adapter. Although ROVsim² will run on most modern PC computers, you will get optimum performance with a dedicated graphics adapter, preferably one that is designed for “3D gaming”.

b.  A minimum of 1 MB of dedicated graphics memory for each monitor you will want to install.

c. It has connections for two , three or four monitors.

Typical video connectorsWhen choosing the monitors, it is best to choose three that have the same native resolution. They don’t necessarily need to be the same size (dimensions) but by being the same resolution (pixel width by pixel height) allows the desktop spanning to work properly. Also keep in mind that the higher the screen resolution you choose, the more data the computer will need to process and deliver to each monitor. Unless you plan on using a “top of the line” 3D gaming computer we recommend you limit each monitor’s horizontal resolution to 1280 pixels or less.

Use the appropriate cables

This may seem obvious, but many graphics adapters will have different types of connectors for each of the monitors. There are a plethora of connector types: DVI, HDMI, VGA so be sure to find out what cables you will need when you order your computer and monitors.

Windows Monitor SettingsSetup the Windows desktop (Windows 7/8)

After connecting the monitors and when your computer is started, it’s not likely to be configured the way you will want it. In order to configure the displays -right click- your mouse on the desktop to display the desktop menu and select “Screen resolution” (Windows 7 and 8). In this window first select “Extend these displays”. Then you will be able to select each monitor, change its resolution, and its arrangement (from left to right).

Setup the Windows desktop (Windows 10)

Here’s a video that explains how to set up multiple monitors in Windows 10.  In this video they set up 2-3 monitors, but it is the exact same process for 4 monitors.

ROVsim2 graphics settingsConfiguring ROVsim² Pro or O&G

Once you have the monitors set up correctly you can close the window and launch ROVsim². In ROVsim², open the “Settings” page and then select “Configure” under “Display, input and output”. On that page select the number of monitors you have installed and then click on the “Test” button to verify that your monitors are configured properly. If they are, each monitor should be completely filled with a different colored box. If not, you may need to adjust either the Windows configuration or the “tweak” plus (+) and minus (-) buttons in ROVsim². Once this is adjusted, click on the “Return” button and your settings will be saved.

ROVsim Gen3

ROVsim Gen3’s display is preset to a 4 windowed, quad screen so no additional configuration is required in the software.