ROVsim2 BlueROV2 running on a 1.33 Ghz Atom tablet

I’m often asked what sort of computers our simulators will run on.

The short answer is it all depends on what performance you’re expecting. ROVsim is a very sophisticated and graphics demanding application. We use the same graphics technology used in some of the best 3D games and the same physics engine as used in some of NASA’s simulators. That’s why we normally recommend an i7 computer with a fast 3D gaming graphics card.  But ROVsim also includes a graphics quality and resolution setting which allows it to run on a wide variety of computers. To demonstrate this I ran a copy of ROVsim2 BlueROV2 on a 1.33 Ghz Atom CPU powered tablet (see photo). It not only worked, but seems to run pretty well!

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