Use ROVsim’s Input Manager to configure your Surface Controller

ROVsim Surface Control Unit Mk 4

ROVsim simulators are designed to work with virtually any USB input device that complies with the Microsoft Windows HID (Human Interface Device) standard. This allows you to use common, off the shelf controllers (such as the Logitech F310 or Extreme 3D joysticks) as well as custom, professional units (such as the ROVsim Surface Control Unit Mk 4). To allow you to configure ROVsim for your controller, we’ve included the Input Manager.





To access the Input Manager, launch the ROVsim application and when the “Splash Screen Window” appears, using your mouse cursor, click on the “Input” tab.

ROVsim Input Manager

In that tab you will notice 3 columns: “Control”, “Primary” and “Secondary”. “Control” describes what that input function does. Primary is the primary controller (usually the joystick or other USB device) and Secondary is usually a keyboard key.

To change an input function, scroll down the list and locate the “Control” description you wish to change. Then move your cursor over the “Primary” input and double click using your mouse. A small pop-up window will appear to prompt you to press a button or move a joystick.







After clicking in the Input Manager, press the desired button.

Press the button, switch or move the joystick in the desired direction. The pop-up window will disappear and in the “Primary” column will be the new device name (such as “Joystick0Button3”).

The Input Manager is very sensitive and it is possible to accidentally move the wrong button or joystick during this process. If you make a mistake, no worries, just repeat the process. With just a little practice you will easily configure an entire controller in just a few minutes.