ROV Simulator:

  • Integrated scanning Sonar simulator
  • Remote Instructor Control
  • Tether Management System
  • Vehicle pitch / roll control
  • Four cameras on ROV
  • Expanded Custom Mission Designer
  • Vehicle dynamics editor
  • Current and visibility editor
  • Adjustable sea-state, surge and currents
  • Casualty simulation
  • Tophat TMS with heave compensation
  • Support ship auto follow

7 included Missions:

  • Drill Ship Inspection
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Lost AUV Search
  • Mooring Anchor Inspection
  • Oil Platform Inspection
  • Suction Dredge Intervention
  • Suction Pile Anchor Intervention

Integral Scanning Sonar Simulator:

  • Range controls (5 to 75 meters)
  • Beam width (45 to 360 degrees) and direction (0 to 360 degrees) controls
  • Variable gain (10 to 100%)

Instructor’s Remote Control and optional 3D Display:

  • Environment (current, visibility, etc.) and casualties can be controlled with a separate USB keypad, computer or using a smart phone or tablet.
  • Separate 3D view of entire mission with real-time data display (heading, altitude, depth, etc.)

9 included Video Overlays:

  • Ageotec
  • SeaBotix
  • SeaEye Falcon and Panther
  • Hercules
  • 4 Custom Overlays (top, bottom, left, right)

Included Tools:

  • 5 DOF manipulator
  • 7 DOF manipulator
  • Laser measuring device
  • Cathodic Potential (Cp) probe
  • Suction Dredge
  • Manipulator mounted camera
  • Observation “eyeball” ROV

Serial Data Output:

  • Vehicle data (position, heading, speed, depth and alttitude) are transmitted as NMEA 0183 text strings from the software via RS232 serial communications.

Hand Controller Support:

  • Supports Microsoft HID compliant joysticks, custom hand controllers, and serial controllers using a custom interface.

Additional Information:

Mission Descriptions

System Requirements

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