ROV training simulator for the oil and gas industry

Designed specifically for the offshore oil and gas industry, ROVsim² O&G is a complete undersea ROV training system for observation and working class ROV operators and trainees.

ROVsim2 OnG bannerROVsim² O&G puts control of virtually every facet of the simulation in your hands. You can adjust the ROV’s physics and dynamics, change the video overlay, enable options such as casualty simulation, and adjust the environment. With just a few clicks, the video overlay as well as physical and dynamic operating characteristics of the vehicle can be changed to simulate a wide range of ROVs. And with just a few more clicks, the environment can be changed from clear and tranquil to zero visibility with dangerous currents. No other ROV simulator on the market offers this much flexibility at this price point.


  • Heavy Working Class ROV training simulator.
  • Integrated scanning SONAR simulator.
  • Integrated instructor’s remote control of casualties, environment, etc.
  • Seven new Oil and Gas missions.
  • A variety of new ROV tools, including 7 & 5 DOF manipulators, cathodic potential (Cp) probe, suction dredge, and laser measuring devices.
  • Full serial communications (RS 232) support so the simulator can be integrated into custom control consoles and send data to external devices such as chart plotters and instrument displays.
  • Extended support for Windows 7, through 10

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ROV Designer

ROV Designer and SettingsROV Dynamics are adjusted by moving the horizontal sliders left or right. By using these adjustments you can use ROVsim² O&G to simulate a wide range of vehicle and thruster arrangements. Thrust adjusts vehicle forward or reverse power. L-thrust adjusts vehicle sideways power left or right. V-thrust adjusts vehicle power up and down. R-thrust adjusts vehicle power, rotating left or right. When the exact thruster characteristics of a vehicle are not known, a good starting point is to use the total known thrust for all thrusters in your ROV divided by the number of thrusters and apply that value to all thruster settings equally. The center window displays a wireframe representation of the physical dimensions of the vehicle in your configuration.


ROVsim in action at Seahorse Services, Vietnam

ROVsim in action

The Environment settings allow you to change the mission Visibility (turbidity), Current Direction, Current Speed and Surge. Surge simulates the cyclical motion of waves in shallow water. The Options settings allow you to turn on various optional features. When Casualties are turned on, ROVsim² O&G will simulate various equipment failures in response to hard collisions and excessive pull on the umbilical.
The Video Overlay panel allows you to choose from a list of available configurations. This way ROVsim² O&G may be used to simulate a number of manufacturers’ systems. Additional overlay configurations as well as custom configurations may be added.

Custom Mission Designer

Using the mission editor you are able to create a new custom mission environment or launch a previously created one. Design your own mission by importing your own models and textures or build one using the supplied terrain, models and textures. Models that are imported can be moved, rotated or “dropped” on to the terrain’s surface either interactively or by entering a position on the keyboard. Custom Mission Definition Files can even be created with a text editor or an external application. The Custom Mission Designer supports 3D models in .OBJ format and textures in .PNG or .JPG formats.


ROVsim2 Scanning Sonar

ROVsim² O&G Scanning Sonar Simulator

The included Scanning Sonar Simulator works with all ROVsim² O&G missions as well as any custom mission you may design in the Custom Mission Designer. The sonar simulator is so accurate, it can even pick up small contacts, such as the ROV tether, fish, as well as details of sonar targets, such as holes and bumps. The sonar display includes a full instrument display showing status of the cameras, heading, depth, altitude, speed, etc.

Instructor Remote Control

ROVsim2 O&G Instructor's ControlsThe mission environment and ROV casualties can be controlled remotely from a keypad, laptop or even a smart-phone or tablet. The instructor has complete control over vehicle casualties, such as video and power failures, as well as the mission environments visibility and currents. With a few simple clicks, the instructor can disable the student’s video camera, simulate a variety of thruster casualties and alter the environment’s currents, thus creating a dynamic learning environment with infinite possibilities and challenges. Also, using the optional Instructor 3D View console, the entire mission area can be viewed from any location while monitoring the simulated ROV’s operation.

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