What hardware do you recommend?
Computer: Intel i7 CPU or the equivalent, 16 GB RAM, dedicated Geforce graphics with 8 GB video RAM, DirectX 9 support
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 through 10
Input device(s): Logitech Extreme 3D joystick, Logitech F310 gamepad
Monitors: single, dual, or quad screens depending on which version of our software you are using. Contact us for details.

What “virus protection software” do you recommend?
Some virus protection applications are well known for causing issues and we recommend, if at all possible, to use a computer that is dedicated to running ROVsim and not allow it to access the internet. If that isn’t practical, we recommend you use “Panda Security” software’s virus protection tools.

My operating system updated and now ROVsim isn’t working?
Windows updates can sometimes cause some drivers to become outdated and no longer function properly. We recommend that once you have ROVsim installed, that you disable Window’s “automatic updates” and only perform a system update after a full backup of your hard drive has been performed. That way if there is an issue, you can restore your system to it’s previous configuration.

Can I sell my license for ROVsim?
No. Your license is for you to install our software onto your computer for your (or your student’s / customer’s) use only.

What is your refund policy?
We strongly encourage you to purchase a temporary, demonstration license to test the software to make sure it will operate on your computer and meet your training requirements. Once a license is purchased it cannot be returned or refunded.

Can I get a demonstration?
Yes. We offer a 10 day, non-renewable, demonstration license for any of our software products for a non-refundable fee of $75.00USD. If, after testing ROVsim, you decide to purchase a full license, that $75 fee will be credited to the purchase price.

My computer died, how do I transfer my license to a new computer?
Contact us for license transfer assistance.

How many computers can I install ROVsim on?
Your license is for installation on one computer. We offer multi-license discounts.