Ship simulator with NMEA and AIS support

vSHIP is specifically designed to train and prepare ship board personnel for the ever growing roles and responsibilities they face offshore. Flexible scalability, unmatched visual realism, and compliance to a wide range of industry standard interfaces are all integral to the simulator’s design.

Available as a desktop PC based simulator, vSHIP can interface with marine electronics and navigation software via industry standard interfaces, as well as with other vSHIP and ROVsim Pro installations, providing a real world, coordinated operation simulation. Drawing on our experience in undersea simulation, vSHIP sets a new level of unmatched visual realism and advanced physics simulation. Potential training applications include: offshore mooring and support operations, coordinated bridge / ROV team operations, naval mine and ordnance sweeping and clearance, as well as complex mission rehearsal.


  • Marine electronics demonstrations and training
  • Coordinated bridge / ROV team training
  • Mission rehearsal
  • Surface / subsurface search and recovery operations
  • Naval mine / ordnance sweeping and clearance
  • Electronic navigation training

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Unmatched visual realism:

  • Fully immersive 3D environment
  • Realistic graphics effects
  • Realistic ocean environment
  • Configurable weather, sea state and wave characteristics
  • Realistic RADAR simulation
  • Support for 360º VR display systems

Highly configurable/scalable design:

  • Multiple ships in the same mission
  • Multiple ROVs in the same mission
  • Mission areas based on real world terrain / sub-terrain data
  • Large area, high fidelity missions
  • Advanced ship movement and collision physics simulation
  • Interfaces for real world hardware and data
  • Complementary RADAR and SONAR simulators

Compatible with industry standard hardware /software:

  • Wheel, tiller, throttle and thruster controls supported via standard USB interface
  • Output to instruments / software via NMEA to serial or LAN interfaces
  • AIS output to serial or LAN devices
  • ECDIS support
  • Real world hardware interface
  • Route / track export via GPX
  • Real-time AIS data input
  • Real-time NMEA control input

Minimum system requirements

Microsoft Windows XP Pro through 10
2 GHz Core Duo 2 or equivalent
3D performance oriented graphics card with a minimum of 256 MB video RAM
Monitor capable of displaying 1024×768 pixels or larger